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About Bored Inc.

Hi! We are Bored Inc. a mother (Carol) and daughter (Courtney) design team based out of Los Angeles & San Francisco. We create cute characters that are featured on an array of products and sold at stores around the globe. We hope our characters make you happy and encourage you to explore your creativity and imagination.
Our History:
In 1998, when Courtney was 15, she wanted to draw with henna paste on her hands. It was really difficult, so we came up with a product that allowed kids to use a washable fine-point marker on their skin, and sold it with an accompanying book of designs. It was a huge hit! Pretty soon, other manufacturers were asking us to come up with designs for their products, and that is how Bored Inc. got started. For the first few years, we only made artwork for other companies, but soon we realized that what we really wanted was to make our own characters and products. In 2001, we officially started Bored Inc. and switched our focus to our own designs. We named our company "Bored" because that's how we felt about the designs that were out on the market at that time. We'd just taken a trip to Japan and were so enamored with the cute, kawaii style imagery that was so prevalent- then we came back to America and we were so bored with the designs we saw on products! Now, however, our name has really come to mean something else. We want our company name to be a reminder that being "bored" isn't always a bad thing. There's so much stimulus out there that sometimes our minds, and especially our creativity, can get bogged down. When we're bored, our minds are free to wander and invent new ideas; this is a very important process for artists. Given time to be "bored", we are all capable of imagining some truly great things!
Looking forward:
We've been creating original art and characters for over 20 years! Right now, our focus is creating art that encourages compassion, equality, and creativity.
We're always available to discuss licensing opportunities, private-label design work, or other collaborative projects. Just fill out our contact form and say hello!